photo exhibition


The first Triphouse Rotterdam exhibition brings together three girls coming from three completely different backgrounds but share the same position: their all with one leg in the analogue and with the other in the digital world of photography.

As digital photography becomes more and more popular, the basic concepts of photography become more and more obscured by the technology as presented in modern day consumer camera’s, but this doesn’t mean the basic concepts lose importance. This exhibition will show that technique, and the ‘objective’ nature of the camera apparatus is capable of creating an opportunity for a double play: it amplifies the concept of illusion or magic and the visual forms. A bond between the technical device, the world, the observer and the photographer is established. The photographic act consists of entering this space of intimate complicity, not to master it, but to play along with it. As philosopher Jean Baudrillard said “What cannot be said must be kept silent.”

Special guest Gyz la Rivière (Humobisten)

The opening of the exhibition will take place saturday februari 12th 17:00 at the Triphouse Rotterdam store. Willem Beukelszstraat 36c, Rotterdam west.

Laura Kampman
Alina Parigger
Berber Theunissen

Curated by: Dennis de Bel