re-listen san soda

This is the recording of San Soda’s set at the Triphouse Rotterdam area during the last edition of Pakhuis, october 1st 2011. Enjoy! Stream archive made possible by

About San Soda

San Soda was raised on a parental diet of The Beatles and Queen. So it was only quite
natural for him to progress into mainstream music. He joined a local radio station in his teens
and pretty soon became a DJ playing bigger mainstream functions and local youth parties.
At age 18 he visited the Clues bar in his hometown, quite unaware that this little place had
been the breeding ground for all kinds of underground music for years. On that very night he
visited, none other than Chicago legend Tyree Cooper was jacking the place up, invited by
long time Clues resident and leading Belgian house DJ Red D. San Soda’s musical world
was turned inside out on the spot and he hasn’t looked back since. The internet allowed him
to explore this compelling new music and pretty soon he discovered Theo Parrish, Jus Ed
and Omar S, which in turn led to more discoveries in Chicago house, New York deep house,
soul, hip hop and funk. In short, good black music in general and the notion that music would
truly rule his life from now on.

It was only a logical step from devouring this music to making it. As with most producers it
took a while for San Soda to get going properly, but one demo he handed out to his team
mate Red D – with whom he had gotten on very good musical terms – in the dressing room
of their football team changed all that. Red D had been toying with the idea to start his own
record label, and the music San Soda gave him was the final trigger: We Play House
Recordings was born and set up as an exclusive home for San Soda’s music and any likeminded producer that would cross the path of San Soda and Red D.

Since its inception We Play House Recordings and especially San Soda have caused quite
a stir in the house music world. Getting praise and play from people like Jimpster, Ame,
Deetron, Reggie Dokes and many, many more. The various San Soda E.P.’s (Limited Gear,
Super Pim Pam Pet, Immers & Daarentegen Album Sampler) have all been well-received,
and much more could be said about the ‘Vocals For Everyone E.P.’ released by FCL, the
collaboration between San Soda and Red D. Featured tracks ‘Let’s Go’ and ‘More Than
Seven’ both became huge club hits and have been dominating charts, parties and play list
for the whole of 2010. All this has culminated in San Soda’s debut album that was released
in October 2010 on a double CD format (album + bonus WPH mix by label boss Red D) and
a limited vinyl + CD format. Aptly entitled ‘Immers & Daarentegen’ the album goes well
beyond ‘just’ house and incorporates elements from a wide range of music styles, all with
that unmistakeable warmth and depth that has become a main feature of everything San
Soda touches.

The future holds more good music, with remixes for Freerange and Trunkfunk with FCL, and
San Soda remixes for Composite and the new label of Jazzanova and Christian Prommer.
And in 2011 FCL will be making their album debut on the mighty UK label 20:20 Vision. One
thing is for sure, be it as San Soda, as FCL, as a producer or as a DJ who does not believe
in boundaries: deep music will forever rule San Soda’s world, and his music is very likely to
rule yours as well the minute you hear it.