digital release out now

Frits Wentink – Barry Tone EP (Triphouse Rotterdam 001) digital release is out now!

The brand new Triphouse Rotterdam label kicks off with a full EP by Utrecht’s electronic boy wonder Frits Wentink. Although being just 23 years of age, the Dutch talent displays some highly advanced production techniques and delivers a vibrant and very modern take on house music. Not sounding like anything else out there and with a real strong sense of identity this youngster clearly has a bright future ahead of him. The result of his work is an irresistible smasher that will cause some serious stir on dance floors and home systems alike. Barry One kicks off with an easy going vocal laced house track topped off with some soulful keys. Barry Two’s funky rhythm combined with a wobbly abstract synth noise appeals to the freaky side, as the vocals implement. Ezzo One dances lightly between its flowing, almost orchestra like harmonies and a pulsating bass while Ezzo Two draws the listener into a more deep hypnotic groove which is accompanied by haunting synths and vocals by Loes Jongerling. The fifth track Sophr One comes as a bonus with the digital release and sketches its dreamy atmosphere with a pallet of organ melodies, vocal snips and field recordings over a dubby base layer. Triphouse Rotterdam launches its label with a topnotch release which is guaranteed to give you some serious headknodding pleasure.

1. Barry One
2. Barry Two
3. Ezzo One
4. Ezzo Two
5. Sophr One (digital only)