you are my inspiration

Currently on display at the Triphouse Rotterdam store:

Jos Kottmann – You Are My Inspiration

For his series You Are My Inspiration the Dutch photographer Jos Kottmann
portraits the kings of housemusic. Since 2007 Kottmann travels the world to
photograph our contemporary heroes. It was the beginning of a quest wherein
Kottmann pushes himself to the limit to catch the crucial moment in which DJ
and photographer coalesce. From then he has photographed around sixty big
names in the world of housemusic. With his portraits Kottmann captures the
person behind the DJ. The images are open and honest and have a raw edge
wherein the black and white assures an optimal focus on what Kottmann thinks
is somebody’s essence: the eyes. They uncover the character of our heroes. The
portraits emit ease, self-confidence and reliability. Jos Kottmann gives an answer
to the question who these DJ’s actually are.