jeremy underground paris

Here is the recording of the Tripstream show from friday the 26th of october featuring Jeremy Underground Paris (My Love Is Underground records). Enjoy!

Jeremy Underground Paris at Tripstream Fri October 27 2012 from Grooveline on Vimeo.

Jeremy Underground Paris

Born in 1986 in a parisian suburb, Jeremy is a passionate record collector and music lover who’s collection and knowledge of deep house surpasses his years of collecting it.

Falling madly in love with Deep House in 1997 thanks to Radio Nova in Paris, he spent his formative teenage years in record shops with a sole idea in mind: unearthing all the hidden treasures of House music, leaving no stone unturned. Then, later on getting into the same process with other musical styles such as Jazz, Soul, Funk..

Jeremy started My Love Is Underground in 2010, a vinyl-only label dedicated to his first love: the authentic New York/New Jersey house sound. His mission was to bring these warm vibes back and showcase the spirit of this golden era in house.

Regarded as a fine selector with a strong musical identity, Jeremy now carries his heavy bag of records across the globe, spreading his love for underground music. The MLIU label parties are fast becoming the talk of any city that hosts them, with music lovers travelling from country to country to experience the MLIU vibe.

His honesty and dedication towards music has rocket launched him to the world of international DJing, with the now extremely rare feature of being a DJ only and not a Producer/DJ. With the label going from strength to strength and his sets burning up dancefloors wherever he goes you can be sure that the flag for “hard core deep house” will be flying high for years to come.