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First off: if you’re out of viewing material have a look at this website and stream away.

Watch ’em all before christmas and your world will magically change.


Now here’s a beautiful release all synth- and (real)electroheads might want to check out. Fans of downtempo beats alike.

Discoverer – Tunnels (Digitalis recordings) on Bandcamp


This is what Boomkat‘s got to say about it:

“Digitalis root out yet another dazzling label debut, this one a beautiful second LP of romantic synth-boogie from Kansas City’s Brandon Knocke aka Discoverer. Operating within the realm comfortably inhabited by Hype Williams, Laurel Halo, Morgan Geist or Glass Candy, ‘Tunnels’ is all about the enigma of electronic desire. Whether that’s unrequited robot love, utopian yearnings or something more esoteric is for you to ascertain. These eight communiques are just dripping with electronic emotion, from the feminized technologies of ‘Lesbian Software”s cooing vocoders to the all-too-perfect closer ‘Personal Clone’, taking in the heart-rending melancholia of ‘Amputee’ and the querying, Heinrich Mueller-esque atmosphere of ‘Blood Lab’, or the harmonised, air-cushioned bliss-boogie of ‘Tunnels’ sleek mechanical motions, cheek pressed again shuttle window, gazing longingly over unfathomably complex skycity scapes. In much the same way Jürgen Müller’s creamy imagineering implanted the most acute, uncanny sensations, Discoverers’ ‘Tunnels’ affects the memory and the senses with virulent subtlety, totally recalling moods and emotions with a strange, scrambled familiarity.”


Amazing connection between man and nature. Try not to shit your pants…



Since it’s mid-autumn, we’re watching the world transform and we’re heading towards a time where its allowed to be harmlessly depressed again,  i thought i’d share some cozy dj mixes to play in front of your imaginary fireplace.

Dutch hero Dimitri (our very special guest at the latest Pakhuis edition. Click here for that recording) plays Trouw for 5 and a half hours!


JD Twitch, known from scottish duo Optimo (Espacio), treats all of us slightly spaced-out ravers with a podcast for the White Light series

(click image for link)



Slave To The Rave intro
Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train
Max Berlin – Elle Et Moi (Joakim mix)
Luke Abbott – Brazil
Boris – Buzz-In (An Optimo (Espacio) Mix)
Subliminal Aurra – Ease The Pressure
Etienne Jaumet – Satori
Peter Baumann – The Third Site (Betty Botox version)
Mr. & Mrs. Dale – It’s You
Chris & Cosey – Driving Blind
Petar Dundov – Quinta
Truffle Club – Gone Blue
Portable – Keep On
Egotrip – Dreamworld
Moodswings – Time Warp
NWW – Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’
The KLF – Last Train To Trancentral (Pure Trance version)
Psyche – Eating Violins


Blissful ambient here from one of the best in the field: Simon Scott. Superb selection of soundscapes, best heard on headphones. Explore your unconscious. Heavily rotated on every portable audio device within my reach for months. May not be for everyone though. Then again.. what is?

(click image for link)

01. Anthony Moore – Mu Na H-Uile Ni A Shaoileas (Polydor)
02. Eric La Casa – Zone Sensible 2 (Room40)
03. Bernard Parmegiani – Dedans-Dehors (INA-GRM)
04. Ken Ikeda – Mist On the Window (Spekk)
05. Brian Eno – Thursday Afternoon (Virgin)
06. Taylor Deupree – Sere (12k)
07. Hannu – Masseudun Tulevasiuus (Kesh)
08. Seaworthy – Live In Melbourne (12k)
09. Intrusion – Under The Ocean (echospace [detroit])
10. Milleece – Fern
11. Bill Fontana – Satellite Sound Bridge Koln Kyoto (Wergo)
12. My Kappa Roots – Home Coming (Drifting Falling)
13. Lullatone – A Miniature Finale (Plop)
14. Strangers – Veil (Kesh)
15. Milieu – Written On Driftwood (Infration)
16. Lone Pigeon – King Creosote’s Wineglass Symphony (Domino)
17. Sogar – X_Pas (12k)
18. Sawako – Air (12k)
19. Opitope – A Far Room (Spekk)


One of the greatest and certainly most productive ambient producers has recently passed away.

R.I.P Pete Namlook

Thank you for all your great music and we hope you will keep exploring space in the afterlife.



safe yourneys,

wherever you are.