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Frits Wentink – Mary’s Pony EP (Triphouse Rotterdam 002)

The long awaited follow-up to Frits Wentinks’ much hailed debut EP ‘Barry Tone’ on the Triphouse Rotterdam label has finally arrived. After the passing of a busy year, the young prodigy from Utrecht found time to create this treat that will appeal to music lovers not afraid to take it off the paved roads. Like it’s precursor, this brand new four tracker draws inspiration from a large palette of styles in modern dance music and merges them into songs that are forward thinking and at the same time demonstrate a classic take on the arrangement. Marygohorse One slaps you directly in the face with it’s funky wobble bass, broken beat and it’s spacy chords. Marygohorse Two steps up the tempo with high energy dancefloor vibes, still clearly oozing with Frits’ signature blend of funk and freakiness. Pony Time One brings a bass heavy four to the floor groover with haunting siren-like strings that cut through butter like a warm knife. Pony Time Two displays his melancholic side with slow organs, laid back bass and playful keys. All and all this EP will make you lose your mind on the dance floor while staying catchy enough to whistle along to it while hitting the shower. Proudly presented to you by the infamous Triphouse Rotterdam collective, known for holding the party flag skyhigh wherever they roll. The vinyl release is pressed in a limited number of copies and most likely will evaporate from the store shelves like cold lemonade on a hot summers day.

1. Marygohorse One
2. Marygohorse Two
3. Pony Time One
4. Pony Time Two

Distributed by: Clone
Format: Vinyl, Digital (WAV, 320kbps MP3)
Release date: January 7th 2013