Starting this week we are selling some fresh t-shirts and caps by SWING! Here is some background info on this local clothing label and it’s head of operations Tommy Worung. Please drop by at the shop to check out the fresh supply!

SWING Store is a platform that offers refreshing clothing and art. The name can be traced back to the founder Tommy Worung. For twelve years Tommy use to write graffiti under his pseudonym, well you guess it; SWING. After witnessing the downside of this life filled with adrenaline (paying a huge fine) he realized that all clothing that’s exclusive also maintain a very expensive pricetag.

Tommy’s mother already owns her own lifestyle and interior store in The Hague for over a decade and seeing her working hard 7 days a week, but filled with passion while doing it, Tommy started to developing a strong need to pursue his own dream as well.. Owning his own clothing line. He went to the school of retail to learn more about the retail business, and after saving up some money he finally reached his goal; He started his own clothing line under the same name he used to be known with in the life of graffiti (street) art. The SWING Store is born on the 1st of July, the birthday of his mother and his inspiration.