d-ribeiro – the circus ep

This EP marks a strong debut for D-Ribeiro, one of Rotterdam’s rising talents, on the ever exciting Syncom Data Records. The Dutchman lays down some nicely loose limbed beats and melodic drones on ‘The Circus’, before pairing more prominent and bright chords with skittish drums on ‘Love1’. ‘Silent Thoughts Of A Black Man’ then goes into itself with a slow and purposeful kick drum forming the bed of the track, above which nightmarish glassy notes tinkle above them in a freak-out frenzy. Closer ‘Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself’ is a lonely walk home after a night in the club, synths glow like twitchy nerve endings and the beats roll on invitingly. On this evidence, D-Ribeiro is certainly one to watch.

Listen to the snippets here:

1. The Circus
2. Love 1
3. Silent Thoughts Of A Black Man
4. Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself

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