damoon at chalet

This set by Damoon was recorded at the Triphouse Rotterdam night at Chalet Berlin. Here’s some background info on Damoon and enjoy listening!

The love for music lit his fire, before it’s light shun upon some of the furthest reaches of his soul and plunged him on a journey into the bowels of sound. His Persian background grew roots in the city of Rotterdam and gave birth to his passionately energetic vibe, which transcends the booth with each given live DJ performance.

This young musical communicator brings a sonoric baggage, filled with the deepest subtleties of soulful EDM, with strong house warmth and jazzy tech swings. A true tease ‘n squeeze, flowing over the crowd, outside boxes and without restraints. He was taken in -from a sensitive age- by compositions of Bach and Verdi, until his long term acquaintance with the attitude of such artists as Dean Martin and Louie Prima, and a scrumptios relationship with strong hip-hop rhythms -of the likes of A Tribe Called Quest and The Neptunes- got him married to the sublime sounds of house & techno. The bond that he felt exponentially strengthening around him and his feelings for electronic music broadened his perspective, yet specialized his mindset, and set him on stages such as the festivals Solar, Pakhuis and Boothstock, but also clubs such as BIRD, WATT, Toffler and its predecessor Catwalk. Beside being active as a respected DJ, member of the Triphouse collective and managed by Sober MGMT, he is also co-founder of renouned quality driven organization Boogie Friday.

With a connected mind, a mighty heart and a soul of centuries, Damoon intends to continue reaching for better and more. Float like a hi-hat, sting like a snare drum. Catch him blending audio like a rainstick in a hail storm.