tapirus on midnight shift

Tapirus – Trying To Make Something Of Life (Midnight Shift) is out now!

Once upon a time…in the midst of masked identities, artist pseudonyms and the like, Midnight Shift introduces a creature not even of human form.

Tapirus conjures music reflecting the duality of his soul. On one hand, rough and acidic to tell of the terrain of his past. And on the other, pure ethereal sounds borne of another place. This EP, showcasing 3 songs of the Tapirus alongside a remix by label artist Basic Soul Unit, is just the introduction to his tale.

The wiggly ‘Acid Love Story’ enters the room with its tight drum programming and infectious bassline commanding attention. A voice speaks of a love lost: “She left…she left. Dark times ahead. Dark times in my head.” But perhaps the story is not yet over.

‘Trying to Make Something of Life’ continues the monologue, conveying an acidic almost bitter experience. Freaked out and haunting, this track is literally inspired by the dead. It lays as a tribute to losing yet another close companion in life.

On the flipside, ‘To Live in the Hearts…’ and its remix comes through. Ascending the scales of life, its Asianic influence and soaring chords take one beyond the clouds. Basic Soul Unit’s transforms the track helter-skelter, a frantic pace turning the peaceful tune into beautiful art of war.

Heed the call of the Tapirus. A Midnight Shift exclusive.

Tapirus: www.facebook.com/Tapirus.music
Midnight Shift: www.facebook.com/mnshift
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