tripstream: kriterion

Every friday we stream live dj sets from our headquarters using the channel from our friends at Grooveline. The tripstream show will bring you all our residents on rotation plus (international) guests passing through our shop. Nothing too serious, just fun and good music to kickstart your weekend. You can drop by at the shop for cold drinks or tune in for the audio/video stream using the player at: every friday between 19:00 and 0:00 CET. This evening you can expect a documentary selected by infamous Kriterion Pup Up Cinema from Rotterdam and DJ’s selected by the boys from No House Wine.


Eli Dorsman
De La Chef
Michiel Hanswijk

Movie: Dancing on Narrow Ground: Youth & Dance in Ulster

Paratroopers patrol the streets of a divided Belfast. Ravers from Catholic West-Belfast unite with Protestant ravers from East-Belfast to break down sectarian barriers.

Tune in at for the live stream or use the player below. You are also welcome to drop by at the Triphouse Rotterdam Headquarters, located at the Josephlaan 38 Rotterdam west.