midlight: cliff lothar

Bats! Guess what’s next in the pipeline? That’s right, it ain’t no thang, it’s a massive bang! Midlight got the mighty mystery man Cliff Lothar along with the one and only jackmaster from the West-Coast: Pamétex.Besides that you’ll get heated up by the three musky’s from the Midlight camp along with their fav bud D-Ribeiro. To cream it of they got the mighty power man Martinos Tsavidids from the Trippy boys y’allst around here know about. Get readay to see ya girlfriend shake like she never did befo’! Bring your mad spirit and share the luv.

♥ Cliff Lothar (Skudge, Viewlexx) LIVE
♥ Pamétex (Murder Capital, Clone) CHICAGO SPECIAL
♥ Martinos Tsavidis (Triphouse, Give Soul)
♥ D-Ribeiro (Midlight, SD)
♥ Gustav Goodstuff B2B Mystery Guest

Saturday 10 May

Venue: BAR, Schiekade 201

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