shobba: cosmic jungle

Big news today! After a short hiatus we are back with a new release on our label! Today we are releasing the new E.P. “Cosmic Jungle” (Triphouse Rotterdam 003) by local soundboy extraordinaire Shobba.

In honour of the new E.P. we are posting an exclusive interview with Shobba. Let us first introduce the man himself:

Shobba hails from the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His combination of love for 808 rhythms, atmospheric melodies and music-city London characterizes the sound of this twentysix year old dj and producer. His influences range from artists such as Cosmin TRG, Dark Sky and Joy Orbison. With this brand new debut E.P. Shobba is ready to spread his blend of bass, house and techno music into the galaxy.

Listen to the snippets here:

While you are listenening to the snippets let’s get back to this mysterious guy. We’ve recently sat down with Shobba for a cup of coffee while he shared his thoughts with us.

Please tell me something about your background and where your fascination for electronic music originates from?

It wasn’t untill very recently that I started producing electronic music, I have always been active as a guitarist in bands. I studied music for guitar, but at one point I got bored playing that instrument and the whole indie band scene’.When I was producing I would always be like a one man band, so therefore I would play the drums, bass, keys and every other instrument myself. I started with producing hiphop, which was just for fun without any professional aspirations. After time passed I received many positive reactions from the people around me and that motivated me to step it up a notch and persue producing music more seriously.

In 2008 my interest shifted more from dubby stuff to house music partly caused by releases such as “Broken Heart” by Martyn, ‘’Hypn Mngo’’ by Joy Orbison and releases on Hot Flush and Hessle Audio. These artists and labels have urged me to start moving from ‘hiphop’ and start experiment with other genres.

When I see this list I notice that your inspiration is heavily influenced by the current ‘UK’ sound?

No, not necessarily, but the new influx of sound opened my eyes. Sure, I like certain labels or artists from the UK, but they are also developing their sound constantly. The music from that group of producers is already a lot different if you compare it to the sound from a few years ago. Take for instance an artist such as Mosca, his recent work cannot be compared to the stuff he was doing two years ago.

I am always looking for a particular feeling. I can find emotions in a lot of different things, such as movie soundtracks or a specific atmosphere that appeals to me at a party, on the streets, or for instance in a picture. I draw my inspiration from a lot of different sources and I try to look for new input constantly. Hope I don’t sound too stupid right now haha. I guess I attach great value to ambiance.

Could you please tell us what you are trying to communicate through your music?

My basic ingredients are a lot of atmospheric, spacy deep vibes (or whatever you want to call it). I’ve always been a dreamer, I think a lot about everything and I am very open to the world around me. So my dreamy side is always reflected in my music. The whole flat sound esthetic some other producers have, is something I can also appreciate but (as with any genre actually) I can’t listen to it for to long at the same time. Itry to be aware, to bring more variety in my tracks and mixes. In my opinion, that will make the ‘hard’ even louder and the ‘deep’ even deeper.

The Cosmic Jungle E.P. will be available at Clone Records and via the Triphouse Rotterdam bandcamp.

Track list:
1. Cosmic Jungle
2. Nightshade
3. M51A
4. Abyssal

Distributed by: Clone
Format: Vinyl, Digital (WAV, 320kbps MP3)
Release date: September 22th 2014