noodlebar at roodkapje


The best of 2 years Noodlebar ! On Saturday, October 18th Roodkapje will be marked by NoodleFest. On this particular evening a selection of artists who have played at Noodlebar in the past 2 years, will show their skills in two different rooms.

In 2012 Mono-Poly decided it was time for a monthly evening devoted to modular synthesizers. Luckily he found in BAR the place who were open to the more experimental side of music where he along with Falafelbiels put down the first night.

In 2013 Noodlebar made the switch from BAR to Roodkapje where it got the space to grow to where it is today. As the scene is so niche based, the name Noodlebar spread fairly quickly and there were plenty of artists who were only too eager to come and play.

Foreign artists who happen to be in the neighborhood also added to the international allure. Prepare for an exciting evening with a variety of electronic music. Deep drone sounds to danceable floor fillers. Or just the exciting improvisation sets by Falafelbiels. With headliners like Stefan Robbers and Zenn who will keep you on the dancefloor. Das Ding, who has been making music since the 80’s, is now also involved with modular synths. Never failing to not disappoint with his deep and dark wave of danceable sounds. Soon he will release his new lp housed at the new Rotterdam label Electronic Emergencies. We also welcome our newest member of Noodlebar Harry Plotter, an artist who shapes the sequences of a synthesizer and a plotter on paper. The main key of Noodlebar remains that there is no computer involved.

Falafelbiels (Roffa), Das Ding (Roffa), Trap & Zoid (Belgium), Jenamu6 (Roffa), Zenn (Den Bass), Reptile
(Utrecht), Zen.Se (Bruxhell), Osc1899 (Roffa), Ruistuin (Eindhoven), Kang (La Haya), Colloid (Delft), Boris
Scorpit (Amsterdam), Harrold Proffessor Azzacove (La Haya), GERITZ / KAFFA (La Haya), Gries and
friends (Tilburg), Rumatov (Tilburg), Sierra Romeo + Fraknoise (Eindhoven), Kami Kapnobatai (Roffa),
Mono-Poly (Roffa), Harry Plotter (Roffa)!

When? saturday 18th oktober
Where? Roodkapje Rotterdam
Entrance: 6 euro
More info:

Das Ding Modular – Noodlebar @ DEAF 2014 from Streamline Media on Vimeo.

ZENN at Noodlebar – May 15th 2014 from Streamline Media on Vimeo.

SIERRA ROMEO ::: Noodlebar @ Roodkapje ::: Thursday, 6 March 2014 from Streamline Media on Vimeo.

GEIN ::: Noodlebar @ Roodkapje ::: Thursday, 6 March 2014 from Streamline Media on Vimeo.