mint invites patrice scott

It’s time for a fresh breeze in Rotterdam!

MINT is a new club night in BAR Rotterdam that is all about bringing people and music even closer together. The night will be vinyl only so prepare to hear musical gems in their purest form!

♫ Patrice Scott
♫ Moody Mehran
♫ Mark Antoni
♫ Lenson

Door-sale € 7.- (Free before 23:00 CET)

Saturday the 28th of March / 21:00 – 05:00 CET

BAR Rotterdam
Schiekade 201

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Everybody who shops on discogs knows the therm “mint” a fresh/clean piece of vinyl that is in the best shape possible – “mint condition”.

On this night, the mixture of Techno and House that often is avoided, will melt together to form a MINT condition for your listening pleasure. Expect some House classics and freshly pressed vinyls from Triphouse Rotterdam and Clone Rotterdam. Even though a blended scotch is usually pretty awful, the MINT crew gives a whole new definition to the word ‘blend’. With a headliner like Patrice Scott, MINT has the perfect ingredients together to form a nice blend, shaken and stirred like a cocktail.


P. Scott is a DJ/producer from Detroit, the birthplace of Techno, where he’s been influenced by great names including Derrick May, Larry Heard and Juan Atkins. He’s been spinning records since the 80’s and has developed his own unique style. In 2006 he started his own label Sistrum Recordings and these days he’s known as one of Detroit’s top producers when it comes to Techno and Deep House Music.