Na een succesvolle eerste editie geeft SINE op vrijdag 1 mei weer een feest in WORM Rotterdam. Dit keer hebben zij vanuit Berlijn Kindimmer laten overvliegen. Hij is o.a. bekend van releases bij 2020 Vision, Pokerflat, Local Talk, Sinnmusik en meer. Sine  sprak hem over z’n mooiste momenten als dj, waarom hij naar Berlijn is verhuisd en vroegen hem om wat wijs advies, enjoy!


* You have been in the game for a long time, traveled to many places, made a lot of people dance. But if we are correct, first of May will be your first time in Rotterdam, right? Are you already excited about it?

Yes that’s right, first time in Rotterdam and I’m  buzzing about it already. I played in other parts of the Netherlands in the past and I have some great memories. The people are nice and laid back and they are a lovely crowd to play to.

* We heard that you are playing a 3 hour set at SINE, what can the people expect from Kindimmer?

Expect a variety of good music and maybe a few bad dance moves on my behalf…

* Can you share one of your unforgettable moments when you played your own track? How did the crowd react and how did it make you feel?

I keep my innocence with what I do with music and that means that I have a lot of moments of pure geeky excitement when one of my tracks works well on the dance floor… It’s the best feeling you can get when you play a set with your favorite tracks from your favorite artists and the moment you are playing your own, someone comes with a huge smile and his dance moves on and asks you the id of that track…

* You live in Berlin now, right? How was it to move to Berlin? And why Berlin and not Amsterdam or Rotterdam for example?

Yeah I moved in Berlin almost two years ago and I have to say I’m loving it so far. It’s a special place and you need to treat it as one, otherwise it can shallow you and spit you from the ass… The main reason I moved here is just plain practicality as it is still both a cheap place to live but also an exciting environment with a lot to offer at anytime.

* A lot of people say it’s hard to make a living out of music, what do you think?

I think that it’s true! When you’re trying to build your life on your own supply and without someone covering your back, you are probably going to have three choices to pick from:

1 – You just work on music and invest your whole time to music – you will need to learn to live with the absolute basics though, at least for a while.

2 – Getting  a day job to support your music – be prepared to see your progress with music to delay quite a lot as it is most likely that you won’t be investing the time needed to do things properly.

3 – Be the guy who knows everyone in the business and makes a living through music by being good in PR – these guys are actually doing alright most of the times funnily enough.

Some can juggle all those things together some not. Things might sound hard but to be honest I kinda like this reality because I always believed that the true music lovers and the ones that don’t do it just for being cool, or for the big bucks will never give up. That means that the romantic mad ones (who consciously take the risk of being broke forever) will stay on it till the end and probably, they will offer the most to music and to all of us.

* There are a lot of dj’s/producers in Rotterdam. What is your golden tip to those pursuing their dreams?

I wouldn’t say golden tip but trying to keep an open mind about music and especially in our scene, is quite essential for me lately. Create your distinctive sound and then try pushing it a bit more. It’s not always beneficial satisfying everyone… I think that might have been more than one advice.

* Are there some new stuff coming up that you can share with us?

There are a lot of good things coming in the near future including a new Ep, a bunch of remixes and maybe a new side project. I’ll play the mysterious card of the marketing game for now and I won’t reveal any more to make things more exciting…supposedly…

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