#010: jamie 3:26

The tenth edition of our podcast series is mixed by Chicago’s own Jamie 3:26 (Partehardy, Lumberjacks From Hell). On Wednesday the 13th of May he will headline the Dolly x Triphouse Rotterdam party at BAR. For this special occasion we’ve asked him to mix us this podcast and introduce us to his world. Enjoy listening and hope to see you all at BAR next Wednesday when we’ll get down to the sounds of Jamie 3:26!

Hailing from the Beverly area on the South Side of Chicago, Jamie 3:26 has garnered recognition in his own right, and poised to unleash a barrage of hot music on the populous, Jamie 3:26 is fast becoming a music phenomenon.

When he plays, his main goal is to connect with the crowd. He feeds off of their energy. He has the uncanny ability to read a floor and switch the groove without losing them. Directing them to places he wants them to go is what sets him apart from many other DJ’s.

Kicking off his solo productions with a series of ace disco edits back in 2008 on Partehardy Records, Jamie has remixed House luminaries such as Jungle Wonz, Chip E and Marcellus Pittman as well as working with newer acts such as youAND:THEMACHINES and the Chromatic Filters. In 2011 Jamie released Acid Whump on Strobelight Honey records. Full of 303, it’s one of his dirtiest tracks to date and came on the B-side of Bostich Time. Whilst in 2012 he re-edited Can You Feel It by Rhythm Makers for the Lumberjacks In Hell label.
In 2013 Jamie contributed 2 tracks to the year’s best selling Chicago Service EP; the 1st track being an uptempo take of Curtis Mayfield’s Give Me Your Love, whilst the 2nd was co-produced with DJ Cratebug. Between them they twisted Loleatta Holloway’s Hit N Run into another level floor wrecker. Jamie’s latest release is Insanity Project / Acid Shower on Rush Hour Store Jams. With no online sales and it only being available via selected stores, people are going to have to be very quick and very lucky to get their hands on the vinyl only release.

On the DJ front, Jamie is up there with the best from the Windy City. His sets epitomize the true house sound of Chicago whilst not forgetting it’s deep disco roots. Jamie loves the music he plays and it comes across in bucket loads, as he gets down as hard behind the decks as the people do out there on the dance floor.

To Jamie 3:26 music is spiritual and personal.

“It’s a way that I can express myself without saying one word. It’s my outlet.”

Driven by the desire to allow people to lose themselves on the floor and forget their problems, Jamie keeps his irons in the fire. He always seeks out new and fresh sounds. It could be a song from 30 years ago or a new jam, as long as it has a great groove, he’s interested in it.

“Music has taken me to places in the world I never thought I would see. I have been able to travel and visit many countries and cities. I also have been able to mentally escape from some of the problems I may have been having, due to me being into music. It has literally saved my life.”

You live in Chicago, could you tell us about the scene over there? And have you ever thought about moving to europe?

I Love My city. Chicago is the birthplace of House Music. It’s not a 24/7 party central place a people think, but we get the fuck down on every side of town. It’s an underground scene, a lounge scene and a few clubs that strictly cater to house music. We have the largest house music outdoor event, The Chosen Few picnic there…. Chicago is where I’m from and where I rep worldwide!!!

Could you tell us about any exciting projects you’re working on at the moment?

Right now,I have a remix on Tony Records that’s making some noise. It’s a project some good friends from Jersey made, Naeem Johnson and Koffee – Zanzibar Days.

What can we expect from Jamie 3:26 in the future?

Good vibes and times and a true experience…The usual!!!