for those who know

Triphouse’ Taylan Alan and Jessin Neijts are selected to do a performance at one of the infamous “For Those Who Know” nights on Friday the 15th of May. FTWK will be attending R’dam for the first time:

For Those Who Know:

The original concept is from Detroit. Legendary events in different locations, secret line-ups and no obvious promo; you had to be “in the know” to find these events. We are bringing these events to the Netherlands. The reason we do this is because we’ve had it with most festivals and so called techno parties. Big €’s line-ups which make no sense most of the time. Insanely high ticket, parking, locker, drinks, etc prices.

Our goal is to organize event for the ones who are or want to be “in the know”! We use a different approach. No randomly, but carefully selected line-ups. Expect electronic arts, 3d mapping and visuals that fit the sound and the venue. We believe the experience of an event starts at the front door and ends there as well. Acts you’ve never heard of and well established names we feel fit the concept.

We aim for an older audience (25+) who know what we’re talking about, who are tired of rabbit-dance, off their heads, youngsters. True underground is not dead, it’s just not that easy to find. Like our page, follow us, and keep track of when and where our future events will take place!

Other acts performing on Friday the 15th @ WORM Rotterdam:

Boye (Rush Hour, Trouw Rotterdam)

Pamatex (Clone, Frustrated Funk)

T!M (FTWK, Grammar)

Daniel Kane (FTWK)

Joey Macnack

Elciedie (Duracell Soundsystem)


For Those Who Know

Worm Rotterdam