out now: trip005

Here it is… the very first volume of our label Uncharted Territories. This EP is a great mixture of handpicked tracks from four different artists. It serves as a roadmap to what Triphouse has been up to recently, and where the label is heading in the near future. A stunning musical showcase of  instruments and electronics fused in drastically varying ways.
Swinging, driving house kinks from Jaw Jam, Young Hand, Murderfarm and The Please.

Jaw Jam’s ‘You The Guy Who Tells’ is a deep groove-loving track thats both atmospheric and rigid at the same time, the thing that truly represents the Triphouse sound, while Young Hand’s ‘Oh’ is more ‘4-am-jackers’ oriented sludgy cut that’s definitely gonna be a fav to all sweaty dance floor jammers. Murderfarm is giving a tweak budge to the hypnotic synthline that’s gonna haunt you ’til the end of time – a pathway to all things esoteric, finishing off – The Please’s track ‘The Vulture’ is a deep-romantic-slowed-down-funk track that’s perfect for the ‘sunset vibes’ – save the last dance for this one!
But describing sounds with words is silly – let the tracks do the talking!

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