transport: prosumer

Next Friday, August 28th, at Rotterdam’s own Transport, will be a massive event.

Prosumer (Playhouse, Ostgut Ton, DE)
Muallem (Compost Records, Bob Beaman, DE)
Khalil (Triphouse Rotterdam)

„The craze about the music…“
…the man called Prosumer is besotted with it. Since Achim Brandenburg heartily grabbed the microphone under this moniker in 2005 for Frankfurt’s then undisputed Label Playhouse, he showed that lasciviousness, a fever for Chicago’s Jack flavour and consciousness of tradition aren’t necessarily bound to a time and a place. Vision, passion and knowledge make Prosumer a guardian of house music history and one of the formative artists, influential DJs and important producers of our days.

Muallem is no new name in the Music Circus, but has recently been popping up more and more in connection to the name “Bob Beaman”. This Munich based club is where Muallem takes charge of the musical and creative direction. He surely gets it, well balancing the elements of a dance floor; from deep to trancey, pumping to soulful, subtle to obvious, classic to avant-garde. Muallem paints the night an array of colours, from the softest tones to the brightest neon. Never too shy to be catchy, but never crossing into cheesy or ironic territory, you will get a pure passion and love for music that is infectious on the dance floor. It is these expertly mixed sets from an experienced soul that make you forget about having to, at one point, wake up and return to reality. Music you want to spend the night with.

As one of the founders of the Triphouse Rotterdam movement, Khalil has been pushing the scene in his hometown the last decade. Providing the city with a record store, dj and producer workshops, clubnights and a record label to name a few activities, Triphouse’ contribution has become an essential part of the city’s sub-culture. On stage Khalil goes all out! His ever funky style and dynamic mixing make his sets truly exciting. His signature Triphouse sound takes you on a journey through various styles making you sweat all the way through.

Free entry before 01:00 by simply attending to the event on Facebook! After 01:00 = €10