#011: Inkswel

The eleventh edition of our podcast series is mixed by Inkswel (Hot Shot Sounds) from Australia. On Saturday the 26th of September 2015 he will headline the Disco Dolly x Triphouse Rotterdam party at BAR. For this special occasion we’ve asked him to mix us this podcast and introduce us to his world. Enjoy listening and hope to see you all at BAR coming Saturday when we’ll get down to the sounds of Inkswel!

Please tell us a bit about your background and how you came in contact with electronic music?

I was actively involved in the hip hop scene in my formative years, the regular b-boy vibes.. dancing, graf, rapping, djing all that.. I guess as I grew older so did my taste in music, breaks and funk fundamentals eventually moving towards disco and boogie sounds and that energy then moving into house music and its offshoots. I’ve always been a kid nerding out to music and everything about it, so I’ve always been into the equipment that makes it and i guess this is how i developed an interest in the more electronic side of things, playing with drum machines and samplers early on and then moving into an interest with synths and other gear.

You recently moved from your home country Australia to Berlin. What sparked this move? And how are you liking it?

Really its just about being more central, I have been touring Europe and the rest of the world for the last six years and it just makes more sense to be somewhere that is in the center, somewhere with a stronger heartbeat for electronic music. Australia is my home and beautiful but geographically just way too far away! Loving the move so far, nothing but positive vibes!

What can we expect from you in the near future?

My first proper full length album unity 4 utopia dropping late this year, early next year on BBE records- featuring some collaborations with my fav artists.. Steve Spacek, Recloose, Kid Sublime and others. Also a few more smaller releases planned before then.. also lots of exciting music dropping on my label HOT SHOT SOUNDS. I also just finished my first edits record for OYE records in Berlin, that is available for pre order now online.