tarot: frits wentink

For the Halloween edition of Tarot we invited the mastermind Frits Wentink.

Behind the Frits Wentink alias resides the multi-talented dutchman, Steve Mensink. His Frits Wentink moniker is the prime outlet for extremely infectious and “wonky” house meets techno meets bass music. Frits has gathered a lot of positive attention lately due to his first full length album called Rarely Pure, Never Simple, released by the London-based WOLF Music Recordings, earlier this year. The album merges Wentink’s love for house, 90s hip-hop and jazz in surprising, soulful combinations where as he describes took a while to come up with a direction for an album; not only house music, but tunes from different genres that are connected. As producer Wentink has always been active in many different genres other than house with a special love for 90’s hip-hop as an inspiration, though his main output is house.

Frits Wentink’s passion for house and techno grew further as his label Bobby Donny was launched earlier this year, as a home for his kind of wonky, leftfield and “wrong-sounding” house music. As described by himself in an interview with Vice; “I’m after an uncomfortable feeling. Things not fitting together, but then in a right way. If this is done properly it makes me so excited, a sort of energy I could never get from the biggest drop or whatever.” This attitude can clearly be heard in his DJ sets, making him stand out from the norm!

Frits Wentink’s paths have been closely connected to Triphouse Rotterdam due to his first two E.P.s being the first records launched by Triphouse Rotterdam as an label in 2012 and 2013 and we’re very excited to strengthen our bonds even more coming Saturday the 31st of October at the Halloween edition of Tarot at Rotterdam’s Transport.

FRITS WENTINK (Bobby Donny, Wolf Music)
KHALIL & STEVEN PIETERS (Triphouse Rotterdam)
MOODY MEHRAN (Triphouse Rotterdam)

Saturday / Oct. 31st / Halloween
Tarot @ Transport

Presale: €7 / Door: €10