music talks: steven pieters

The Department of Arts and Culture Studies ( Erasmus University Rotterdam), Podium Grounds, and Roodkapje Rot(t)terdam present:
Music Talks #2
Rotterdam Music Scenes: Überhip or Pretty Dead?

Rotterdam is renowned for its harbor and working class identity. However, it is also a city where major investments in the cultural and creative industries have been made to redevelop its image. During the past decades, Rotterdam has increasingly become a breeding ground for a creative Renaissance. Music scenes are the starting point of many musicians’ careers; they may act as the creative “humus layer” of a city; they can trigger collaborative linkages among artists from different fields and they can develop trans-locally. Rotterdam’s music scenes have been recently described in De Volkskrant as “arguably the most exciting of the Netherlands”. At the same time, other media argue that the Internet is generally killing local music scenes. The symposium aims at creating a greater understanding about scenes in the city by connecting knowledge from the academic and practice fields. Together we will zoom in on the music scenes in Rotterdam: Why do they matter? What is their role for musicians’ personal and career development? How do they develop over time and place? What do they mean for the creative image of Rotterdam?

An artistic symposium about ‘music, creative scenes and the city’ curated by Mariangela Lavanga and Janna Michael, incl.:

Steven Pieters (owner of Triphouse Rotterdam, DJ, and more)
Brian Hracs (University of Southampton, UK)
Erik Braun (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Paul Rutten (Creating 010)
– music acts by Bruno Ferroxavierdasilva and Liselot van Oosterom
– performance by KOBE curated by Roodkapje

Where: Podium Grounds
When: November 10th at 19:30
Admission: Free
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