Soda + Bar = Sodabar

Coming friday Sodabar will return to BAR for another edition, with special guest Glenn Astro.


18th of December

23:00 – 05:00



|Glenn Astro

Currently residing in Essen, Glenn Astro has spent a bit more than half his life DJing and producing, first in the realm of hip-hop and more recently with an ear toward dance music.

After his first releases in this style in 2011 and 2012, Glenn really went for it in 2013 with a trio of EPs that showed hip-hop’s soul and house music’s drive are in no way mutually exclusive.

Recently he released a complete debut album, called Throwback. Glenn has an ongoing collaboration with IMYRMIND & Max Graef with whom he runs the newly founded Money $ex Records.



|Damiano von Erckert

Hailing from Germanys largest urban agglomeration, the Ruhrgebiet district, Damiano von Erckert represents a growing breed of artists not bound by genre specific constraints.

Raised near by and now residing in Cologne, his broad interest in a variety of musical spheres started young, growing up under the wing of his father, also a DJ, allowing him to accumulate a varied taste in Soul, Hip Hop, Funk, Afro and Disco.

Check out the two Boiler Room DJ-Sets in London and Cologne.