tresor: klubnacht

After the party at Transport Rotterdam with Ryan Elliot, Evan Baggs and our selfs Steven Pieters & Khalil. We will be heading over to Berlin Germany for Tresor.Klubnacht on December the 26th.


For this second Xmas day Klubnacht edition we welcome back our legendary technhouse friend and Tresor Records artist Blake Baxter, an original Detroit veteran of the genre, a duke of funk in techno and yet he can take you on a stylish electronic journey like no other. Natan H is an American DJ and producer from Chicago, now based in Los Angeles, California. With some excellent tracks on ManMakeMusic, Finale Sessions and more recently on a V.A. Altered Moods Recording EP, Natan H‘s sophisticated and sensual sets are a perfect fit for this Klubnacht evening. Khalil Ryahi is known for his deep sound and his rocking performances. Steven Pieters plays his music in clubs and festivals throughout Europe and is one of the tastemakers of the Dutch underground house scene. Although it’s hard to stick a certain label to his sound, it can be best described as a forward thinking blend of everything deep and funky. Our friend and Deep Fried DJ SCHOPPEN WITTES supplies groove & ready support. The Tresor basement decks are up and ready for our in-house techno wizard, Tresor Records artist/producer, and Cache Records label boss PACOU.




Blake Baxter (Mix Media/ Detroit)
Natan H (ManMakeMusic, Finale Sessions/ LA)
Khalil & Steven Pieters (Triphouse/ Rotterdam)
Schoppen Wittes (Deep Fried/ Berlin)

Pacou (Cache, Tresor Records/ Berlin)
T.A.G. (Tresor.Berlin)
Alexander Lukat (Kanzleramt/ Berlin)