klankarbeit rewinds 2015


Even though 2016 is already on the way, we’ll take a brief look at last year. For Klankarbeit it was a rather quiet year in terms of gigs and releases. On the other hand we worked even harder in the background, at our studio and doing Ableton Live trainings. Most of the spare time went into making preparations for this year. And it’s slowly paying of again with an EP coming in February and some nice gigs at bucket list locations. We’re definitely looking forward to the coming year! But in the meantime, check our 2015 ‘repeat-mode’ tracks!

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Purple Disco Machine – Magic

We like it old school, and that also counts for this great disco-house production. No rarities here, just plain old house music, as we like to hear  and produce ourselves. The perfect beach vibe, works like magic!


Pont Mython – Apple Arp

Deep and easy going track, perfect for the first half of your opening DJ set. Nice dreamy sounds and a fine jazzy feeling groove from this ‘new kid on the block’.


LA Priest & Lxury – Show

We all remember when Lxury entered the game with J.A.W.S., which already is a classic. Now together with LA Priest they drop another great track. With it’s weird arpeggio vibey sound and pop-like vocals, it all comes together at the drop with an epic melody. But, still one for the aficionados.


Chesus – Special (HNNY Remix)

Nicely sampled by Chesus, but it’s HNNY who’s nailing it again! Almost every track from this great deep-house producer turns into gold. This track breathes feel-good, beach and all the accompanying vibes! House music as it is ment to be, not too difficult, not too easy, but above all very special!


Harvey Sutherland – Bermuda

This guy is just brillant. His virtuosity is just outstanding and really inspiring. Known for his classic synthesizer and organ sounds, Bermuda is another gem among his other productions. This is Deep-Funk-Jazz-House at it’s best.


Phil Weeks – The Easy Way

When Phil hits it, he definitely hits it! With his recognizable drumcomputer and sample style house sound, in this case combined with an effective acid baseline, this really is one hell of a banger!


Mark Henning – Pusher

Another dark trumpet-sound track, which are popular these days. But again the simplicity of the track is it’s strength. That’s exactly where most of Mark’s track shines, and this one absolutely hits the right spot again.


Shit Robot – Where It’s At feat. Reggie Watts (Johnny Aux Remix)

What a track, definitely the track of the year! With it’s raw sound, dark beats and dirty vocals this track definitely is one hypnotizing freak track. Works good solo as well as mixed with other tracks. With Reggie Watts taking care of the genius vocal, Johnny Aux tops it of with this simple but utterly effective and filthy beat.


Randomer & Cadans – Lottarump

After such a banger as Randomers ‘Bring’, Lottarump is another welcome old school feeling techno banger. Simple and effective acid bassline with an even simpler arrangement, but it does the trick very well!


Hot Since 82 – Veins

When being introduced with Techno at the time Joris Voorn hit the charts with his massive classic ‘Incident’, this was definitely the sound. Perfect Tech-House for those peaktime moments on a large festival or in an underground warehouse. Since then, that particular sound got a bit of a low profile when Minimal- and Hardtechno flourished. But last year Hot Since 82 finally dropped a track having exactly that sound again, and even reached number 1 in the Beatport top 100 with it. It has it all, the pounding grooves, dreamy breaks and an epic vocal. Love it!