fes rewinds 2015


In 2016, I am planning to work hard on different music projects.  I just love making beats, but sadly I didn’t do a lot of music last year. I started practicing more on my dj skills together with my coaches and good friends from Triphouse. I was able to play a couple of dope gigs in Rotterdam and even made it on the line-up of Pakhuis Festival NYE back 2 back area. I was focused on 2 main objectives: practice my ass off to become a better dj and off course BEAT M’ UP. It all worked out! In february  BMU is about to organise the biggest battle in the Netherlands. 128 beatmakers, 8 cities and 1 finale. This process is going to take nine months, its a quest to find the most talented producer in the Netherlands! Check out the BEAT M’ UP platform, and keep updated.


D-riberio  – What’s up girl

This must be one of the greatest talents this city got to offer and this track is just so smooth. It reminds me of a kaytranada track. What’s Up Girl is just sexy!

Oliver Dollar & Chuck D – Shout Away 

I just fell in love with the mystic-vibe smooth string sample, just a great edit by Oliver!

Aardvarck – D.I.E.F 

This is a dark-vibe strange sounding great tune to play if you want to compliment another track. For the common ear it may sound like there is nothing happening in this track. But if you listen closely, you can hear great deals of modulation and samples jumping out of the song.

Juliet Sikora – Larry’s Garage 

Hmh, what can I say I’m a sucker for soul! A very nice tribute to Larry Levan from the holy and legendary Warehouse where it all started. I never been to Detroit or the garage, but every time I hear this track, it feels like I am right there!


Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosch – L.O.V.E 

One of my teacher Steven Pieters told me House and Hiphop are like brother and sister. The track L.O.V.E defines that statement so well! Feels like it takes me back to the golden days. Sampled hiphop beats in a brand new flavor. For people to enjoy and dance to. Love it!

Nick Höppner (The Black Madonna Remix) – Relate

RAW and nasty club banger! Do I really need to explain myself, damn just buy the record and play it in front of a crowd and watch what happens…

Matt Karmil – Moment

Just beautiful, absolutely beautiful! Words can’t describe the feeling I get when I listen to this tune. So many emotions going on in my body. And that is exactly what music should do, when it starts messing with the emotions. Thinking about it, one short sentence describes the song.’Emotional rollercoaster.’

Tony Humphries – Charlie Sez  

If Madlib would make house music, I assume it would sound close to this song. So raw and unpolished. Great sample so repetitive and jet so interesting!

ANOTR – Strobe

Such a powerful song, great build up, raw keys! Great Production and mix. Everything works perfect together and is still very simple. The definition of a soulful club banger!

Embryo – Don’t need you around (My Man)

My man this is just some beautiful music right here! Great jacking drum samples, well used. The build-ups and break-downs are at the right moment. The vocal sample is just great in this track. Well done!