zeezout: khalil & steven

Khalil & Steven Pieters – “We are very happy to share this recording of our opening set at Chalet Berlin on the New Years Day of 2016 with you all. It was the fourth gig on our 50+ hour NYE marathon session and we started spinning straight after arriving in Berlin. Sometimes when you push yourself past the moment of physical exhaustion something interesting happens. You stop thinking about stuff and switch to your auto pilot, a more natural state of mind where you open yourself up to the music and allow your thoughts to float away with the sound. This was exactly what happened in Berlin. Listen to how we carefully warm up the club and rejuvenate ourselves with some of our favourite downtempo and house tracks, slowly getting back into the party mode. Our thanks go out to Maralina and crew at Chalet, Stijn, Glenn and crew at ZeeZout, all the party people that joined us during the NYE marathon and offcourse you for listening. With love from Rotterdam.”