slapfunk x triphouse party

During the first friday of the International Film Festival of Rotterdam two major forces on the Dutch underground house music scene will team up to bring you a steaming night filled with dancefloor action. House music all night long!

SlapFunk started out as party organization about five years ago. Just a bunch of friends from Utrecht, scouring the city for suitable locations where they would throw smashing raves. Combining house, techno and a great atmosphere, these parties were an instant success and SlapFunk rapidly grew a solid fanbase. Two years after the first party, the boys took it to another level with their first release, soon followed by a second and a third one and so one. All in all, SlapFunk submerged from the underground but never forgot where it came from. It’s more of a movement than a host or label, and the people behind it work hard to steer this movement in the right direction.

Slapfunk and Triphouse collaborate together to throw the afterparty for the International Film Festival in Rotterdam. Save the date!

Friday the 29th of January at 23:55, Transport Rotterdam

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Samuel Deep is a young house-DJ and -producer, born and raised in Utrecht. He is the founder and co-owner of SlapFunk, an infamous party host and label. As a matter of fact, the first ever SlapFunk party was held to celebrate his birthday. SlapFunk parties became more and more popular throughout the year, but after winning the Metro DJ Contest things went really fast for this talented artist. Today he really have claimed his spot in the Dutch scene. If he’s not playing parties, Samuel spends most of his time crate digging. Black gold is pretty much the love of his life and his collection is steadily growing.


Anil has always been a true music-addict. At the age of four he started his musical journey by playing the violin. His curiosity to discover new sounds then led him to playing the piano as well as learning the basics of drums from a good friend. Listening to a broad variety of music Anil discovered his special love for electronic music. Back in the old days he was already listening to hardcore, which was a rage in the Netherlands at that time. Some years later he fell in love again with electronic music, but this time it was much more intense. In particular the new techno sounds in the year 2000 gave him inspiration to combine his own unique style with this kind of music. This passion has led to a continuous collection of records and a desire to never stop with this true love.


Steven Pieters was born in Etten-Leur (Netherlands) but soon after moved to a Rotterdam suburb. His interest in electronic dance music started to grow at the tender age of ten. Heavily influenced by the older kids in his neighborhood, who were already into mixing house records, he bought his first set of turntables in ’95 when he was only twelve. Five years later at the age of seventeen, he was one of the resident DJ’s at a very gritty Rotterdam based after party club, quickly learning the tools of the trade. Nowadays he plays his music in clubs and festivals throughout Europe and is one of the tastemakers of the Dutch underground house scene. Whether playing solo or back to back with his partner in crime Khalil, he holds a reputation for bringing warm and soulful sounds with a distinct freaky edge and a powerful hypnotic groove.


The city of Rotterdam has been named a furtile breeding ground for electronic music producers and dj’s on numerous occassions. Modern architecture and heavy industrial activities create a harsh but charming environment. As the world’s second largest harbour, Rotterdam attracts people from all over the globe, and is therefore considered a true melting pot. It is this unique vibe that is reflected in Khalil’s music. As one of the founders of the Triphouse Rotterdam movement, Khalil has been pushing the scene in his hometown the last decade. Providing the city with a record store, dj and producer workshops, clubnights and a record label to name a few activities, Triphouse’ contribution has become an essential part of the city’s sub-culture. On stage Khalil goes all out! His ever funky style and dynamic mixing make his sets truly exciting. His signature Triphouse sound takes you on a journey through various styles making you sweat all the way through.