meet: steven pieters

Steven Pieters – a party animal with a vision, a man with a dream.. an entrepreneur, a DJ, music producer, promoter, you name it. Started his professional career at the tender age of seventeen, he had quickly become a trendsetter in the Rotterdam house scene, and continues to push things forward to this date. With the help of like-minded true friends whom he met on the city’s underground dance floors during the early 00’s, he created Triphouse Rotterdam – a collective built around a shared passion for psychedelic and forward thinking electronic music and its related culture and lifestyle. What happens when a group of ravers decide to team up and start a business? The official Triphouse Rotterdam documentary ‘We Don’t Die – We Multiply’ tells the story about Steven and his friends coming of age while on a quest to spread their sound.

More about Steven Pieters and his squad – this coming March, the official Triphouse Rotterdam documentary. The film shows the story of Triphouse Rotterdam and what it takes to be a member of this collective – the opportunities, the challenges, the struggles, the dreams…

This documentary is directed by Anna Bardaka.
Watch this space for more information the official screening!

Photos: Anna Bardaka