meet: taylan alan

Taylan Alan.
Rotterdam born and raised, Taylan Alan is a promising DJ and producer. Deejaying from a young age, he quickly got the attention at several DJ contests (which he won, ha!), resulting into many gigs around the Netherlands and abroad. That’s how he “bumped” into the Triphouse crew in late 2009.
Today you can see him primarily focusing on making music, releasing on labels such as Moustache Records and Infinite Pleasure, and sharing the music he loves to the world. More about him and what connects him to Triphouse – this coming March – the Official Triphouse Rotterdam Documentary.
The film shows the story of Triphouse Rotterdam and what it takes to be a member of this collective – the opportunities, the challenges, the struggles, the dreams…
This documentary is directed by Anna Bardaka.

Watch this space for more information the official screening!