#013: wendel sield

The thirteenth edition of our podcast series is mixed by Wendel Sield. From childhood he started working on his own music mixes, gathering all the vinyl he could find. Influenced by jazz, soul and funk, his mixes stood out and some time later he started working on his first release “History of Black People”.“For me, being a good dj means taking the time to actually go to a record store, dig for records, create a good track selection and combine this with great mixing skills…“ Currently he is working on his next 12 inch EP’s, scheduled for later this year. So, keep an eye out for these and if you get the chance to see him as deejay, don’t miss out on his mixes of down-tempo funk, Chicago house, acid and even electro!

What is your philosophy behind your DJ sets?
It´s a journey and it´s my task to get everyone on the same page. Even the people who went for a smoke or to get a drink should be able to jump right in again. After winning the TWSTD dj contest two years back I joined the jury for the contest to help other DJs reflect on their sets and themselves. Because it was reflection that really got me to think about what a good DJ set should contain. Diversity, good energy flow, building up and breaking down, but at the same time getting nearer to that one record which sums up the entire set. I think all DJs start out as dancers. At one moment you’ve witnessed a certain euphoric moment on the dancefloor and this is what you are trying to recreate in your own way and with your own identity.

Tell us about producing records, what is your workflow?
My method in producing records just started to get some structured shape. In the past it flowed really divers. Now I use part analog equipment that varies from drum computers to synthesizers and sound boxes, next to that I use my laptop with a daw to import all the recorded material I put true my mixer. I tend to start off with drums and percussion, after that my pads and bass lines. However sometimes everything gets flipped around when I find or play a certain sample that would be my main lead/melody. I´ve learned building records around existing tracks, partly by editing stuff. From there I start to build my own records. Next to that I followed an audio engineering class to upgrade my recording/mixing/mastering skills.

The last 5 records you bought and why, what’s in the bag?

1.The Gladiators – Symbol of Reality
Own another record by these men ‘Serious Thing’. Play it when ever the sun is shining, original reggae music. This one I picked up at the record fair Utrecht and i’m playing it this weekend for sure at Amsterdam Open Air.

2. Parrish Smith – Virgin of the World
Cause he’s my brother and I support him all the way. Raw analog obscure sounds, most of the time way to dark for me to work with in my sets, but when I do you know the evening just went hayfire.

3. Trinidadian Deep – Orisha’s Stomp
Pure love. Enough said.

4. Massada – Astaganaga
Ok so this record I bought just because of the cover. No idea what would be on the record. However I don´t feel like it was a pure guess, the record had some great artwork with african landscape and congas. Artwork can tell alot about the mindset behind a record. If the artwork is well chosen the record tends to be good, artist try to tell a story and not just with their music.

5. Odyssey – Hang Together
This last one I bought because on the back it wrote someone plays the Rhodes fender. Rhodes piano is my favourite so I just went for it. Great record by the way, disco, funk, vocals, not alot of rhodes tho haha.