triphouse rotterdam label

We are currently preparing for the first release of the freshly launched Triphouse Rotterdam label. With this brand new outlet we are focusing on deep, edgy and soulful music (house, disco, acid, dubtechno etc) which is crafted with love and attention for detail. Vintage or futuristic alike, suitable for the dancefloor as well as home listening. Not paying to much attention to current trends, but instead striving to releases stuff that will stand the test of time. Basically the stuff we like to play ourselves. The forthcoming EP called ‘Triphouse’ will feature two original tracks by Khalil and Steven Pieters. Remixes will be courtesy of Tom Ellis (Trimsound, Telegraph, Philpot) and Alex Agore (4Lux, Royal Oak, Kolour LTD). The limited edition vinyl is expected to hit the stores at the end of this year, the digital version will be made available one month after the release date. Keep an eye on our site for more updates!