tom ellis on 50th philpot

Our welsh homeboy Tom Ellis recently got signed by the notorious Philpot label from Stuttgart. The label which is runned by Soulphiction and MXM is named after legendary Paradise Garage phenomenon Larry Levan (Levan’s surname is Philpot), who almost single handedly spawned the worldwide culture of club mixing. Tom’s track ‘New Mode’ (check the preview on soundcloud below) will be featured on their forthcoming release, a various artists double celebrating the 50th addition to their astonishing catalogue. We congratulate Philpot and Tom Ellis and look forward to picking up a vinyl copy (limited to 250) soon available in selected shops near you.

New Mode by tomELLIS

Read here what Philpot has to say about their upcoming anniversary release:

Our 50th Anniversary Release is dedicated to all of our artists, friends and supporters helping us to gain this reputation of a proper freestyle label over the years! This double vinyl only compilation features some of our artists, present and future, but covers every musical aspect that Philpot is about. Tim Toh and IKE had impressive debut releases on Philpot over the last 2 years, so they share the A-side. Starting with “Floral” Tim sets the tone for the whole side…rrrraw! Ruff piano riffs counterpart a banging rhythm while the background shimmers in this “Toh-ish” texture that beautifully rounds up the whole track. IKE strips it down to the basics, a dirty little piece of oldschool house music -“Throwbackmusic ‘94″. On the B-side we welcome the pairing of Philpot’s future artists Roman Rauch and Tom Ellis who both funk up the whole thing. Roman starts with “Lemme Get There”, discoid-acid, you name it…great chorus and a even bigger bassline! Tom Ellis increases the funk level even further. Breaks, guitar licks and a fat bassline, plus some great vocals atop! nothing more to wish for… The C-Side hosts the expressive pairing of The Reboot Joy Confession and Juju & Jordash. And the expectations are more than rewarded! RJC’s “O” is a claustrophobic storm of electric jazz, sawtoothed bass and a fucking message! u dig? completely own territory… Juju & Jordash charge into deep space with “Tanglefoot” – strong textures fly into oblivion just held in present by a stubborn piano and a very vital bassline…future classic! The D-Side belongs to David alone for his blueprint of deepest electro called “Untitled Detroit”. The classic instrumentation and the flawless arrangement makes a very strong charmer just like the guy himself. “Thanks for purchasing a real copy!”