Triphouse Rotterdam (established in 2005) is an independent collective of creative people who share a common love and interest in forward thinking electronic music and it’s related culture and lifestyle. We are focussed on the future while maintaining a respectful attitude towards electronic music’s rich heritage. Currently our collective operates from the Triphouse Rotterdam Headquarters, an office and studio which are located in the M4H district of Rotterdam (the Netherlands). Our mission is to bring people together in a positive light and spread the music and culture that we live every day.

In a world that focusses more and more on shallow consumerism and where financial benefits are often chosen above artistic expression and quality, we feel it is our duty to remind the world there is still a large group of souls who choose to walk a different path. By connecting these people and offering them a platform where they are free to express themselves and by creating an environment where quality, creativity and open mindedness are the highest values, we are striving to lift our culture to a higher level.

Triphouse Rotterdam is an open collective, this means that everyone who connects to our ideas is welcome to join and participate in our activities. One of our purposes is to stimulate a healthy and prosperous electronic music scene in our home town Rotterdam. We do this by organising events, running a label, broadcasting radioshows, supporting local artists and promoting the culture in general. All who share our views are invited to utilise our platform as an outlet for their creative ventures.

Education and the stimulation of music production are an important part of Triphouse Rotterdam, we organise events such as masterclasses, beatbattles and jamsessions and offer various courses ranging from music production to dj’ing.

We sincerely thank you for your interest and wish you all the best!

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