Uncharted Territories Vol. 1 (Triphouse Rotterdam 005)

Here it is the very first volume of our label Uncharted Territories. This EP is a great mixture of handpicked tracks from four different artists. It serves as a roadmap to what Triphouse has been up to recently, and where the label is heading in the near future. A stunning musical showcase of  instruments and electronics fused in drastically varying ways. Swinging, driving house kinks from Jaw Jam, Young Hand, Murderfarm and The Please. Jaw Jam’s ‘You The Guy Who Tells’ is a deep groove-loving track thats both atmospheric and rigid at the same time, the thing that truly represents the Triphouse sound, while Young Hand’s ‘Oh’ is more ‘4-am-jackers’ oriented sludgy cut that’s definitely gonna be a fav to all sweaty dance floor jammers. Murderfarm is giving a tweak budge to the hypnotic synthline that’s gonna haunt you ’til the end of time – a pathway to all things esoteric, finishing off – The Please’s track ‘The Vulture’ is a deep-romantic-slowed-down-funk track that’s perfect for the ‘sunset vibes’ – save the last dance for this one!

1. Jaw Jam – You That Guy Who Tells
2. Young Hand – Oh
3. Murderfarm – Fieldtrip No. 6
4. The Please – The Vulture 

Distributed by: Clone
Format: Vinyl, Digital (WAV, 320kbps MP3)
Release date: October 5th 2015

The Uncharted Territories Vol. 1 is available at Clone Records and via the Triphouse Rotterdam bandcamp.


Steven Pieters – Don’t Try To Understand It (Triphouse Rotterdam 004)

Triphouse Rotterdam is picking up the pace with head honcho Steven Pieters dropping his long awaited debut solo EP following shortly after Shobba’s Cosmic Jungle. After having released on Wolfskuil Ltd, Kindisch and other labels over the last couple of years, the time is right to utilise the crews own label for his solo four tracker. Don’t Try To Understand It features a selection of tracks he made over the past three years and much in line with his dj sets, contains a wide palette of influences ranging from deep atmospheric house to acid and UK rave. Not feeling bounded by any preconceived notions on how a track should be put together, Steven manages to switch effortlessly between broken and straight beats. He has given each of the tracks it’s own distinct character while overall maintaining his signature psychedelic style elements; snappy rhythms, shards of acid and uplifting strings. The A side brings two variations based around the same theme, a spoken word passage that provides answers to the bigger questions in life. Part 1 quickly builds up the tension to a whip cracking groover designed to put a dancefloor in motion. Part 2 draws the listener into more etherical atmospheres with acid lines drowning slowly in soft chords, underlined by driving percussion and sparse but effectively used hints of piano. On the flipside Ouija Board takes a more dark and sinister approach with eerie metallic strings layered on top of a UK flavoured bass heavy beat that reeks of the shady warehouse parties from bygone days. Murder On The Trancefloor brings an old school house vibe with heavily reverberating beats, punchy basses and a very lush string arrangement that creates instant lift-off. If you were wondering what the Triphouse sound stands for, this is it; inter-planetary head nod evoking music for the discerning crowd.

1. Don’t Try To Understand It Part 1
2. Don’t Try To Understand It Part 2
3. Ouija Board
4. Murder On The Trancefloor

Distributed by: Clone
Format: Vinyl, Digital (WAV, 320kbps MP3)
Release date: December 9th 2014

The Don’t Try To Understand It E.P. will be available at Clone Records and via the Triphouse Rotterdam bandcamp.


Shobba – Cosmic Jungle EP (Triphouse Rotterdam 003)

After a short hiatus we are back with a new release on our label! We are releasing the new E.P. “Cosmic Jungle” (Triphouse Rotterdam 003) by local soundboy extraordinaire Shobba. Shobba hails from the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His combination of love for 808 rhythms, atmospheric melodies and music-city London characterizes the sound of this twentysix year old dj and producer. His influences range from artists such as Cosmin TRG, Dark Sky and Joy Orbison. With this brand new debut E.P. Shobba is ready to spread his blend of bass, house and techno music into the galaxy.

Track list:
1. Cosmic Jungle
2. Nightshade
3. M51A
4. Abyssal

Distributed by: Clone
Format: Vinyl, Digital (WAV, 320kbps MP3)
Release date: September 22th 2014

The Cosmic Jungle E.P. will be available at Clone Records and via the Triphouse Rotterdam bandcamp.



Frits Wentink – Mary’s Pony EP (Triphouse Rotterdam 002)

The long awaited follow-up to Frits Wentinks’ much hailed debut EP ‘Barry Tone’ on the Triphouse Rotterdam label has finally arrived. After the passing of a busy year, the young prodigy from Utrecht found time to create this treat that will appeal to music lovers not afraid to take it off the paved roads. Like it’s precursor, this brand new four tracker draws inspiration from a large palette of styles in modern dance music and merges them into songs that are forward thinking and at the same time demonstrate a classic take on the arrangement. Marygohorse One slaps you directly in the face with it’s funky wobble bass, broken beat and it’s spacy chords. Marygohorse Two steps up the tempo with high energy dancefloor vibes, still clearly oozing with Frits’ signature blend of funk and freakiness. Pony Time One brings a bass heavy four to the floor groover with haunting siren-like strings that cut through butter like a warm knife. Pony Time Two displays his melancholic side with slow organs, laid back bass and playful keys. All and all this EP will make you lose your mind on the dance floor while staying catchy enough to whistle along to it while hitting the shower. Proudly presented to you by the infamous Triphouse Rotterdam collective, known for holding the party flag skyhigh wherever they roll. The vinyl release is pressed in a limited number of copies and most likely will evaporate from the store shelves like cold lemonade on a hot summers day.

1. Marygohorse One
2. Marygohorse Two
3. Pony Time One
4. Pony Time Two

Distributed by: Clone
Format: Vinyl, Digital (WAV, 320kbps MP3)
Release date: January 7th 2013


Frits Wentink – Barry Tone EP (Triphouse Rotterdam 001)

The brand new Triphouse Rotterdam label kicks off with a full EP by Utrecht’s electronic boy wonder Frits Wentink. Although being just 23 years of age, the Dutch talent displays some highly advanced production techniques and delivers a vibrant and very modern take on house music. Not sounding like anything else out there and with a real strong sense of identity this youngster clearly has a bright future ahead of him. The result of his work is an irresistible smasher that will cause some serious stir on dance floors and home systems alike. Barry One kicks off with an easy going vocal laced house track topped off with some soulful keys. Barry Two’s funky rhythm combined with a wobbly abstract synth noise appeals to the freaky side, as the vocals implement. Ezzo One dances lightly between its flowing, almost orchestra like harmonies and a pulsating bass while Ezzo Two draws the listener into a more deep hypnotic groove which is accompanied by haunting synths and vocals by Loes Jongerling. The fifth track Sophr One comes as a bonus with the digital release and sketches its dreamy atmosphere with a pallet of organ melodies, vocal snips and field recordings over a dubby base layer. Triphouse Rotterdam launches its label with a topnotch release which is guaranteed to give you some serious headknodding pleasure.

1. Barry One
2. Barry Two
3. Ezzo One
4. Ezzo Two
5. Sophr One (digital only)

Distributed by: Clone
Format: Vinyl, Digital (WAV, 320kbps MP3)
Release date: January 12th 2012